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Do you like chewy yummy Chocolate Foam Bananas which are a big favourite in the UK? Then these freeze dried Chocolate Foam Bananas are for you. Once freeze dried, they're a completely different chocolate. These foam bananas covered in milk chocolate of goodness puff up a lot and become like a HUGE banana flavoured crispy crunchy chocolate bananas. The intense flavour of banana is surrounded with milk chocolate with the crunchy melt in your mouth texture will leave your mind blown!

Ingredients: lucose syrup, sugar, water, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, gelatine (from pork), stabilizer; E420, foaming agent; milk protein, emulsifier; sunflower lecithin, flavour, colours; E101, E160a. Min 51% cocoa solids in the chocolate.

For all allergens see ingredients in Bold.


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