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Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark 85% Cocoa Chocolate is a bar of rich, luxurious chocolate made with the finest ingredients by our Master Chocolatiers. The perfect blend of smooth dark chocolate with 85% cocoa content combines notes of dried fruit and liquorice with earthy tones to create an experience to treat the all senses – delight in the smooth texture and deep colour, enjoy the satisfying crisp snap of the exceptionally thin diamonds and cherish the rich aroma before finally indulging in the intense symphony of cocoa flavours as the intensely flavoured fine dark Lindt chocolate melts on the tongue.


Ingredients: Cocoa mass, fat-reduced cocoa, cocoa butter, demerara

sugar, vanilla.

Allergens: May contain MILK, NUTS, SESAME SEEDS, SOYA

For all allergens see ingredients in BOLD

Cocoa Solids %: Dark chocolate contains: Cocoa solids: 85% min.


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